Windows Into Parallel Worlds

A magazine that takes you on a tour through various parallel worlds that are closer than you think.

This assignment was a part of the minor ‘brand management’. My goal with this magazine is to make its readers aware of the existence of the worlds other than ours. It’s easy to dismiss fictional worlds as fake. Yet some ‘fake’ worlds are very real! It doesn’t matter whether they’re from your dreams, a book, or a game, in this magazine I appreciate all kinds of worlds.

  • Skills Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Writing, Dreaming
  • Software InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Course Minor Brandmanagement at HAN

More Designs

Photoshop version 7 kick-started my design journey. Today I still use Photoshop daily, alongside Illustrator and InDesign. To me a perfect design is modular, accessible, and fun to look at. For me inspiration is important, so I’m alert and always on the lookout for cool images and designs.

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