Sky Log

In the summer of 2014 I recorded a timelapse of the sky every evening for one month. I created a log of the sky. It's cool to see how much the sky can change from day to day.

This is Pathe Nijmegen

For local movie theater Pathe Nijmegen I worked on a trailer featuring timelapses that show their old branding being taken down. What took hours of work in the burning sun looks effortless in this cinematic video!

Timelapses can show you things that you can't see with your own eyes. Like how clouds move. Or the patterns in traffic.

I've been making timelapses for a long time as a hobby. Mostly of clouds, because I think clouds are cool. Occasionally I put timelapses in bigger projects.

  • Skills Photography, Basic Math
  • Tools Canon DSLR, Tripod, Intervalometer
  • Software Adobe Photoshop

More Photography

I like capturing important moments and messing with cameras and lenses. But what I love most about photography is making things look nice. Sometimes nicer than in real life! I take pictures of people, food, events, buildings, landscapes, and clouds. I especially like clouds.

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