Time Bomb

Time Bomb is a Short film about a secret agent, a briefcase full of explosives, and time travel!

Synopsis: Secret Agent Menno is tasked with blowing up the bridge. But when things go wrong at headquarters Menno has to set things right with the use of time travel! Will he manage to fix things before the bomb explodes?

About: I’ve always wanted to create a short film involving time travel. I love when it’s used in movies or TV shows because it requires you think. However, I wanted time travel to be used because there was no other option. A tool that could break reality is used without second thought to erase some mistakes. So I created the story for Time Bomb.

  • Skills Video Editing, Audio Editing, Voice overs, Writing, Directing
  • Software Sony Vegas Pro, After Effects. Adobe Audition
  • Co-Creators Menno Dekker, Joep Bernards
  • Languages English, Dutch subtitles

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When I was 10 years old I started making my own videos. Ever since then I greatly enjoy editing, writing, filming, voice acting and sound design. I create short films, trailers, wedding videos, commercials and more.

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