The Nerding

This forest isn’t as tranquil as it seems. A threat lurks between the trees in The Nerding, a Short Film.

Premise: As the sun sets on a beautiful day, a jogger puts in his earbuds. The run is going great! Until he notices his music has been drowning something out. Unknown sounds are coming from deep within the forest. Sounds that are strangely familiar. What could it be?

About: “What if we made a short horror film, but instead of zombies we use stereotypical nerds? And it’s kind of funny yet frightening.”. This is how me and my friend Joep came up with The Nerding. I then cast Menno Dekker as the jogger and Lucca Ardesch as the head nerd. Who wouldn’t join his book club?
Creating this short film has had a lasting effect on me. After recording many ‘nerd sounds’ I can not laugh anymore without snorting. They have gotten me too!

  • Skills Video Editing, Filming
  • Tools Canon DSLR, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Audition
  • Co-Creators Menno Dekker, Lucca Ardesch, Joep Bernards

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When I was 10 years old I started making my own videos. Ever since then I greatly enjoy editing, writing, filming, voice acting and sound design. I create short films, trailers, wedding videos, commercials and more.

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