Mike's Mind Quest

Explore my mind in Mike’s Mind Quest, a weird point and click game.

Why: Mike’s Mind Quest results from one of the best school assignments I’ve gotten: “Make an interactive experience about yourself”. There have only been a few other projects that entranced me as much as this one. I like the freedom that came with this assignment. I didn’t need to think or plan, I just needed to create!

About: The game I created might look a bit weird, but it’s fun, colorful, and has a lot more depth than you might think. Mike’s Mind Quest is a time capsule of my mind in 2016. It’s about the things and people I enjoyed and many of my beliefs. So take a dive into my mind if you dare!


© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten

  • Skills Programming, Writing, Drawing?
  • Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Edge Animate
  • School Media Design at ROC Nijmegen

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