Intergalactic Pitstop

Your spaceship has crashed on a seemingly desolate planet. Can you repair your ship in time? Find out in Intergalactic Pitstop, a point and click game

Intergalactic Pitstop is created for the class ‘Immersive Space’. The assignment was to create a believable digital space that you can see, hear, and interact with. I created a story about an astronaut in a hurry, an old man and his ferret, and a jungle that smells suspiciously of spice and corn. This assignment served as a good drawing practice, as it is the first time I’ve created digital paintings like these.

Intergalactic Pitstop is made in Flash. If your browser still supports Flash you can play it online. Alternatively you can download Intergalactic Pitstop or watch the playthrough video.


© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten

  • Skills Writing, Drawing, Audio Mixing
  • Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Animate
  • Course Immersive Space (Communication & Media Design) at HAN

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Everything I create is about what you feel and experience, that's what these works are all about. Whether it's a game, a story or just sound, you will definitely be immersed in another world.

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