While Christmas shopping a man walks into... something. Find out what it could be in InvisiWall, a mysterious Short Film.

About: Imagine how weird it would be to walk into an invisible wall. You can see and hear through it, just not walk through it. What would you do? Together with Menno Dekker, who also acted in this video, I explored this idea. And because christmas was coming up, we gave this short film a festive intro.

Credits: Our friends Matthijs and Laura helped us while filming. Matthijs makes a cameo in the video as ‘weirded out passer-by’. Raven lent us his guitar skills by recording Jingle Bells. And to finish up this video, me and Menno broke some empty wine bottles to record us stepping on them!

  • Skills Filming, Editing, Sound Design
  • Software Premiere, Audition
  • Co-Creators Menno Dekker, Matthijs, Laura, Raven

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When I was 10 years old I started making my own videos. Ever since then I greatly enjoy editing, writing, filming, voice acting and sound design. I create short films, trailers, wedding videos, commercials and more.

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