IMDb Redesign

Inspired by the cinema experience, my IMDb redesign fills the screen with a stylish look, orderly arranged info, and more media.

© Mike van Putten

I love browsing IMDb after watching a show or film. Who played in it? Where was it shot? What funny trivia can I find? But for such an exciting website it sure does look boring.

My design is inspired by the moviegoing experience. The look and feel reminds of sitting in a dark theater. Instead of a small slither on the page, IMDb now fills the page with posters and media. The score made of circles fits the design better and makes more sense.

© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten

  • Skills Graphic Design, UXD
  • Software Adobe Photoshop

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Photoshop version 7 kick-started my design journey. Today I still use Photoshop daily, alongside Illustrator and InDesign. To me a perfect design is modular, accessible, and fun to look at. For me inspiration is important, so I’m alert and always on the lookout for cool images and designs.

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