ESV Shop

A reliable and professional webdesign for safety oriented webshop ESV Shop.

© Mike van Putten
© Mike van Putten

Mission: Through their webshop, ESV Shop sells a wide variety of products that provide safety for companies and individuals. The quality of the information and content was already good. But a certain sense of professionalism and trustworthiness was missing. Also, certain tasks had to be clearer and easier to achieve, like making repeat purchases of a customer's favorite items.

Process: Step one was refreshing ESV’s brand identity. Why? It’s because I believe using brands as a base makes for believable designs that truly convey what a company stands for. Branding can get very abstract, but I think a more consistent slightly and darker color scheme helped ESV feel grounded and professional.

Then I created the web design in Figma, keeping the brand top of mind. One of the many great things of Figma is that it’s in the cloud, so sharing interactive designs with the client was effortless. To me, creating an interactive design is like creating a language. But unlike a new language, you shouldn’t have to learn it, just understand it. And that’s what I think this design accomplishes!

Before my design

This is how ESV Shop used to look. The abundance of white and all-caps text makes it look cheap. The painfully bright yellow hurries the customer to an unsatisfying purchase. Overall, it just does not fit the intention of the client. Not only is my design more trustworthy and professional, it has respect for the customer.

© Mike van Putten

  • Skills Webshop design, Brand design
  • Software Figma

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