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Learn about Dutch history and Culture through Dutch Dash, a classic Boardgame.

Dutch Dash was created by me and four other students during the Serious Games course at HAN University of Applied Sciences. The goal of this project is to help refugees with new challenges they are facing in The Netherlands. We think a classic Dutch board game is the perfect solution!

The development of a game requires a lot of research, testing and prototyping. During 7 weeks we made multiple paper prototypes. The first of which was mistaken for garbage and thrown away! But soon the prototypes looked like the real deal.
My role was game artist. I was tasked with creating a graphic design that is easily understandable for people from multiple cultures. But they also had to like it! Various styles were made, like one inspired by 17th century maps. Our test group chose for a clear and colorful look. Simple but easy to understand for everyone.

© Mike van Putten

So how do you play?

First players fight over who gets to take which pawn. Players make a road trip through the Netherlands. Everyone starts together in the oldest city, Nijmegen. The finish is the capital, Amsterdam.

Every round each player spins the windmill which serves as dice. The windmill will point to a number and color. The color corresponds with a card type, blue for trivia or red for challenge. The number is the number of steps you can take on the board if you answer correctly or complete the challenge. Trivia cards are about Dutch culture, history, or language. Every card features a fun fact about the questions. If you pick a challenge card, you better be prepared. The challenges are old Dutch games like ‘koekhappen’ en ‘spijkerpoepen’. Everyone takes part in group challenges. The winner gets to take twice the steps.

Whoever reaches the finish first wins the game!

Gameplay Video

  • Skills Graphic Design, Gameplay Design and Research
  • Semester Serious Games (Communication & Media Design) at HAN
  • Language Dutch
  • Co-Creators Janneke Koning, Dave Lingier, Noël Janssen

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